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Tex-Irish Cookoff

St Patricks Festival

Application deadline is March 12th, 8:30 AM.

Click here to download/print the 2022 Application

The Rules:
  1. Provide all stew ingredients for inspection at the Irish* Stew Cookoff Booth on Grafton St. at 8:30 AM. Bring 1-3 LARGE crock pots, ingredients to fill those crock-pots, and any other items you will need to prepare and serve your stew. Event organizers will provide tables, bowls and spoons. Electricity will be provided. Please bring electric extension cords and a power strip to plug in your stew pots.    *Irish may be interpreted quite liberally, and we fully expect to see several “Texanized” versions of the traditional fare.

  2. Decorate your table in an Irish theme. Bring a sign announcing your club, business or group’s name. This is a great networking venue to promote your club or business, so bring flyers and advertising materials to pass out if you wish. 

  3. Please bring a list of your ingredients, to better inform tasters later.

  4. You may begin cooking onsite any time after your ingredients are approved. 

  5. Judging of the stews will begin promptly at 12:30 PM.

  6. Judges are prone to accept bribes. Put together fabulous bribes and tempt the judges. Imagination goes a long way with the judges. 

  7. After the formal judging by judges, attendees may purchase a bowl for $1 and try the various stews. Each purchased bowl allows the guest to vote one time for the “People’s Choice” Award.

  8. Winners will be announced at the Crazy Heart Stage at Celebration Park at 5:00 PM.

  9. Be creative and have fun.

  10. Alcoholic beverages may NOT be offered at your booth.

Submit the entry form at the bottom along with a $25 check payable to:

Dublin Chamber of Commerce
and mail it to:   110 S. Patrick, Dublin, TX 76446.

or bring it that morning to the Stew Cook-Off booth.
Please feel free to bring a tent, tables, comfortable chairs and enjoy your time at the Festival as your delicious stew simmers..